Sunday, October 26, 2008

And the blogging begins!

Is it really happening? We're waiting for the New Zealand Embassy to issue (or deny) our NZ work visas. We've supplied them with reams of documents -- surely the mere weight of evidence we've provided is sufficient...? We'll cross our fingers and see. 


Anonymous said...

Such sacrafices a person is willing to make for such a huge adventure. NO HALLOWEEN!!! That is like a day with out sunshine.
Hope you enjoy your trip anyway Wame.

Adena said...

Hey Kids,

Nice pictures. We will be looking forward to hearing about the Visa notice. I cannot imagine any problems for you two getting them okayed and on your way!

Mom Swearingen

Anonymous said...

I always really love your collective ingenuity on your Halloween costumes and this year is no exception. No Halloween in NZ--hmmm. . .sounds uncivilized. Like I said, there are no Sherlock Holmes societies either. You must do your best to enlighten those people. Love, Mom Deed