Monday, June 1, 2009

Morning tea with the Kiwis

I've had a nice week off work as I prepare to start my new job on Monday. I've been cleaning the house, shopping, running errands and working my way through the Twilight books. They're pretty addictive. 

Here's another thing I've learned about Kiwi workplace culture. In my last position, my boss Jacqui invited our little department to a "morning tea" for me on my last day of work, which was so thoughtful. Thankfully, my husband had warned me that it meant I was expected to bring the treats -- a departure from what I'm used to. So Betty Crocker and I collaborated on some muffins and cookies, after my friend Lesa kindly saved the day by lending me some butter. Everything turned out well, and everyone seemed pretty intrigued with my Rice Krispie Treats. 

Turns out Jacqui brought a delicious chocolate cake and even gave me flowers!  It was quite a celebration for my little nine-week contract. What a fantastic experience with some amazing people! 

Happy Birthday Dad! 
Thought I'd share one of my favorite shots since his birthday was last week. Thanks for everything, Dad. You're the best.



Corey said...

You should have brought B&G in a gas station dispenser.

Dave said...

I'd have mixed feelings about a "farewell" party. I mean, are they glad you're leaving or sad you're gonna be gone? In either case, you got to stuff your face on company time, which is always good! P.S. Rice crispie treats should not be intriging...add more marshmellows.

Arlene said...

I love the pic with your that a green house I spy in the background? I love how you've introduced them to Rice Krispie treats! You should become a US Ambassador!