Monday, September 14, 2009

Cute baby sheeps!

Just back from a long weekend in Akaroa, which is on the Banks Peninsula just a couple hours south of Christchurch. The peninsula is halfway down the east coast on the South Island, and it's named after Joseph Banks, the botanist that accompanied Capt. Cook on his travels.

We stayed in the beautiful Puau Bay B&B within view of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Sue and Murray for sharing their home with us and for their warm hospitality. This is on a 900-acre farm with too many cute little lambs to count!

As we strolled along the property, we saw sheep, birds and cattle.

Then got to the beach and saw seals! This one wasn't happy we were there, so I snapped this pic and quickly backed off.

What an amazing place -- we could have spent a month exploring here and checking out all the local walks.

We've never seen deer like this before -- deer behind a fence, that is. Apparently lots of farmers have deer and keep them contained with these taller fences.

We've been trying to convince you it's windy here. Now do you believe us? Actually it's not usually so windy down near Christchurch, but this little tree is in a pretty exposed coastal area.

The town of Akoroa is quiet and charming with little cafes and beautiful views of the harbour.

We did a bit of shopping along the way, as well as being responsible wine tasters. We have to provide equal opportunity to every NZ wine region after all.

Mom, I promise there's lots of jewelry shopping to do once you get here. You're going to love it.

Our favorite cheese? Jake's is a cracked pepper havarty, thanks to an excellent recommendation from Greg. And I liked the smoked cheddar. Mmm!

Then back in Christchurch for an evening, we took advantage of a little "punting on the Avon." I don't know why they call it that, but it involves a little boat ride through the calm little river that goes through the center of the city.

And then wrapped up with a little outdoor dinner at one of the local restaurants. The weather was fantastic during the days but got a little cooler in the evenings, so this fire was perfect.

Now we're back home and ready to finish our three-day work weeks. This is the life!


Joggeli said...

Absolutely fantastic shots. What a nice, tranquil place. I'm so jealous. Enjoy every second.

Yer Mum said...

Oh, the jewelry, definitely I will love, but those baby sheep are precious beyond words! Those pictures are so beautiful. What a lovely weekend you guys must have had, and what a rush it gives me to see you both together and happy.

Dave said...

I'm lost on the facination with baby sheeps....but I'm wearing bib overalls, so I'd probably just be the butt of a joke if you explained it. The place looks awesome.

Corey said...

You know what sounds good?

Lamb Gyros.