Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy expataversary to us!

Dec. 28 marks one year since we landed here in Wellington and first asked each other "can you believe we're really here?" Our year has been filled with good friends, lots of exploring, new words such as "cheers" and "rubbish," and tons of wine. We've learned that adventure is not about your location but about your frame of mind. But we admit living in New Zealand sure makes it easy.

Jake and I just returned from an amazing roadtrip around the South Island with Jamie and Amy Stark. We'll sort through all our photos and post some here soon.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Jamie!! I had an incredible evening with your blog!!! The pictures are wonderful. Thanks for posting for us all to see!!! Blessings to all as you finish up in New Zealand and begin your world travels!! Keep up to great work, I can't wait to see Carl and Deed and their pictures after their trip to see you and Jake. Merry Christmas and A Wonderful 2011. Kathie Doosing, and Family