Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding in wine country

Congratulations to our friends Andy and Liang, who got married this weekend in Hawkes Bay.

Hawkes Bay is one of NZ's best wine regions, and the couple decided to have the ceremony at the beautiful Te Awa vineyard.

It was a fairly small ceremony of 50 or so guests, but several of them are friends we hang out with all the time.

On Sunday we headed over to a much smaller vineyard attached to a luxury B&B called the Cardoness Lodge for a barbecue before heading home. These wineries not only make some good wine, but they keep some beautiful gardens.

The weather and the scenery could not be more perfect. Thank you, Andy and Liang, for inviting us to share in your special day.

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Yer Mum said...

What a beautiful place for a wedding! A lovely couple for sure. I enjoyed all the pictures of the couples that were there--BTW, a very nice couple of photos of Mr. & Mrs. Swearingen.