Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A weekend near Mt. Taranaki

Jake and the parents and I spent a weekend up near Mt. Taranaki/Egmont National Park, on the west side of the North Island. What an amazing view! This volcano is what they used instead of Mt. Fuji when filming The Last Samurai, which came out in 2003. No sightings of Tom Cruise this time though.

Many thanks to our friend Heidi, who hooked us up with an amazing accommodation. Her mother runs a beautiful mountain lodge in the area, and we had so much fun wandering around the property and seeing all the artwork inside.

The garden was a special treat to explore as Jim and Adena have their own at home. This little courgette (zucchini) was ready to eat, and we didn't want it going to waste. And the friendly pet pig was happy to socialise with us, although we were hesitant to get too close.

There were a few sheep on the property who are a little more shy than the pig -- you can just see them across the bridge.

Although we went exploring and took a bush walk, we were really happy to stay indoors and just look out the window at the amazing views and interesting birds that came to visit. Some of the time the mountain was hidden by the clouds, but when it cleared up it was spectacular.



Dave said...

And not even a mention of K-State in the Sweet 16? We're gonna be a little north of you guys the end of May...just a few thousand miles of ocean away!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what gorgeous pics! You guys look like you had a really nice time. So glad Jake's people could come out to see you. I'm bitterly disappointed, tho, that you missed Tom Cruise!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was MP, Jamie.

Phil said...

And now in the Elite 8, Dave.