Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Snorkel tour around island of Koh Tao

We have one last blog post to share about our Thailand vacation, and it stands in stark contrast the the article I just read on the protests in Bangkok, and how the red shirts have surrendered amid fires and rioting throughout the city.

Far from that craziness, the highlight of our Thailand adventure was a snorkel tour around the entire island of Koh Tao, which is known for its coral reefs and marine life.

The waters were clear, calm and warm, and the fish were beautiful. We took a speedboat to several spots around the island and each had colourful coral that was close enough to the surface to easily explore.

The last place we stopped was something of a marine reserve with some gorgeous blue water.

When we got on land, we learned that it costs 100 baht to sit under one of these beach umbrellas. And we understand why -- it was hot. And we had brought along exactly 0 baht. This is just about the time of day I realised I'd earned a sunburn on my shoulders, back and legs. For some reason when we're snorkeling I tend to think my skin is protected because it's underwater. Not so.

But no worries because Jake scouted out a perfect little shady perch from which to take in the scenery. We climbed up and enjoyed the view, then shared our comfy spot and some friendly conversation with a couple on a year-long holiday from England. Now that's a phrase I'd like to become more familiar with: year-long holiday.

Below is the view from our little perch.

This little strip of beach is all that's connecting the peninsula to the rest of the island. We had a great time exploring the area, but at this point I was just trying to find shade.

And that may have been our busiest day in Thailand. Other than the massages, beverages and general laziness, we spent a lot of time trying out all the various pools at each of the three resorts where we stayed.

What a gorgeous place. Thailand is definitely prepared for tourists of all budgets, and it was a great adventure for us to try to get around in a country that doesn't always speak English. Hot, beautiful, laid back -- it's exactly what we were looking for.


Jamie Stark said...

I have a one word response to your phrase "year long holiday" - RETIREMENT

First one there wins!!!!!

Yer Mum said...

Wow, what a relaxing, laid-back holiday that must have been, judging from your pictures. Beautiful water and scenery. One thing for sure: bahts is not a good thing to be without on a hot day in Thailand.

Corey said...

isn't a 100 baht like four bucks?

jamie said...

Yeah it's only four bucks, but I thought we'd be sitting in a boat or floating in the water all day -- no need to bring any money. Speaking Thai may have been helpful in this instance.

Mr. Stark -- you're on. (Now get to work Jake!)

Joggeli said...

"Now that's a phrase I'd like to become more familiar with: year-long holiday." ... seriously?!