Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snapshots from America

As I mentioned earlier, we've just come back from a visit to the States where we saw lots of friends and family and ate as much barbecue and Mexican food as we possibly could. It was a great trip!

Here are a few snapshots. Above is our 10-month-old neice Lyla who loves to swim.

Aaron and Jami had us over for a great barbecue.

Tailgating before the Royals game. Still can't believe KC beat St. Louis 11-3.

Did I mention barbecue? No visit to Kansas City is complete without a stop at Oklahoma Joe's. We picked up some ribs and perused the sauce and rub isle. So many choices!

And Golden Tee. Jake's been carrying his Golen Tee Gold Membership Card in his wallet everyday in New Zealand. Not sure why because we've never seen the game here.

These cattle belong to Jake's folks and can be seen wandering in their yard.

We made an appearance at the Sievering Family Reunion in Mooresville where Jake got right to work on the grill. I think Uncle Bernie was there in more of a supervisory role.

Who says only little ones can enjoy bubbles? This is mom having a bit of fun on a gorgeous clear day.

We also headed to Table Rock Lake on the Fourth of July.

Adena looking after one of the munchkins.

Aunt D with some of the little ones.

And before we flew back to New Zealand we had a half-day layover in LA, where we visited with Grandma and the Cottonaro family.

We saw several more friends and family than we have room here to mention. I hope everyone knows we had such a wonderful time. So many people went out of their way to give us a place to stay, prepare fantastic food, meet us out for a meal or drive us around. Thank you so much for making our visit such a fun one!

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Yer Mum said...

Wow, all these pictures are so enjoyable to look at! Thanks to both of you for making the long trek out to see us all. We love you always and miss you too much!