Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let's maintain a little mystery, shall we?

Our American friends and family will be gathering around large plates of turkey and stuffing this Thursday in celebration of Thanksgiving. I'm giving thanks in my own way this year.

I'm thankful for my hard-working husband, and I've decided to take him on a mystery weekend away. He has no idea where we're going - only that we'll be in New Zealand and that our flight leaves on Friday afternoon.

Check in next week when we have the big reveal, and we'll see if I was really able to keep it a mystery or if he figured out our destination ahead of time.



Phil said...

Let me guess. I know you're fairly keen on wine, so the one wine-growing area in NZ you haven't been to as yet (I think) is Gisborne. hunch would be Gisborne and surrounding district.

If correct, I'm expecting a fresh-baked pumpkin pie (made with crisco) as first prize!

Corey said...

Rose Hill, KS

jamie said...

Corey - we did check in with good ole Rose Hill over the phone for the holiday. Sounds cold there!

Phil - that was an incredibly insightful guess! We've been talking about going there for a while now and hope to make it up there in the near future. We do love our wines. ;) I'm afraid you'll have to wait for our next competition to win some crisco-licious baked goods.