Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Christchurch wedding & stroll on the beach

It's been a couple weeks ago now, but wanted to share some pics from our weekend trip down to Christchurch. Our friends Greg and Hannah got married on a gorgeous Friday afternoon, and we enjoyed a trip down to the little beach suburb of Sumner.

Christchurch is where a large earthquake struck back in September, and we still saw several damaged buildings in various states of reconstruction. They still receive occasional aftershocks but we didn't feel any.

Here are some examples of your typical Kiwi road signs.

And a view looking east into the ocean.

This trip ended, as all the good ones do, with a few too many leftover beers to fit in the suitcase.


Yer mum said...

What a nice trip that was for you two, beautiful weather, and that very sweet couple getting married. Looks like you all had great weather.

Dave said...

That's too funny. I actually threw some personal belongings away just so I could bring some beer home from Hawaii. Must be a guy thing.