Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our world tour kicks off in 2 weeks

You've probably heard me mention that our time in New Zealand is coming to an end and we're preparing for a bit of travel before moving back to Kansas City.

It's been lots of fun planning our upcoming trip. It began with us asking ourselves "where in the world do we want to go?" which is quite a daunting question. So we created a giant wishlist that we had to narrow down according to our schedule and budget. (Sorry Palau -- I'll have to swim in your magical jellyfish lake another time.) After much brainstorming, negotiation and organising, our itinerary now looks like this:
  • Leave NZ on 2 April
  • Singapore
  • Malaysian Borneo
  • Beijing
  • Switzerland
  • Greek Islands
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Arrive in Kansas City on 3 June
I'm pretty excited about what's coming up. So excited in fact that I made a logo for our trip. My graphic design friends will undoubtedly be impressed by my expert use of WordArt. In my defense though, I've been busy selling our household goods on and prepping our other stuff for shipping to KC. We've gotten our visas and our shots (more on that later) and our flights. Now just wrapping things up, getting ready to say our goodbyes and preparing for our next adventure.


Joggeli said...

How exciting. Can't wait to hear more.

It would have pissed me off had you designed an awesome logo ... you can't be good at everything!

Dave said...

I think he's saying your logo sucks. (and I was about to ask if you're offering it on t-shirts!)

Your locations sound amazing. I would think getting over the jelly fish filled lake would be rather easy considering. If it helps I'll buy your couch. You'll just need to pay the shipping.