Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greetings from Singapore

Well we're off on our next big adventure. Jake and I are at the Singapore airport waiting for a flight that will take us to Kota Kinabalu Malaysia. We've said lots of goodbyes and had an amazing send-off by our friends in Wellington, but it hasn't really hit us that we've really left New Zealand. It feels a bit like a normal vacation so far. A ridiculously awesome vacation! We'll try to check in with some photos once in a while.


Jamie Stark said...

I still can't believe you're coming back here.

Dave said...

I don't believe "World Tours" classify as vacations. They're basically....WORLD TOURS!!

Phil said...

Well goodbye Jamie and Jake, and thanks heaps for providing me with much to think about, and much to laugh about over the past two years of your life downunder.

As I said to your fellow comrade Brett, thanks for seeing, so unremittingly, the good and the positive aspects about life in these strange little remote windswept sub-Antarctic islands. I'm sure you'll be the best ambassadors we could ever have wished for, as you yourselves have been great ambassadors for your own country while in ours.

Best of luck for the extended vacation, and for the resumption of life and careers back in Kansas City.

Been a pleasure to know you both...a genuine pleasure.

jamie said...

Thanks guys, and especially you Phil. We've always appreciated hearing your perspective on our posts, and it makes me think that I haven't written a proper "farewell to NZ" post. Maybe because we're not really ready to leave even though we have.

Many thanks for the kind words and warm wishes. This isn't "goodbye," so let's leave it at "see you later" for now. x