Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ah the joys of airline travel

We've been away for so long I'd almost forgotten what I love so much about flying in the States. I knew we were there when we saw humorless signs such as "Thank you for participating in security," and when our ticket agent was bossy and condescending. Not sure what makes me laugh more, folks like him or that guy on every flight who makes sure he's loud enough for everyone to hear. This one said "I'll have to make a call on my iPhone and set up a meeting ..." with extra emphasis on iPhone, as if we're all impressed. Dude, you're a jackass.

But I'll stop complaining now, because each of our flights (four each way) were on time and our bags made the trip along with us, which was pretty exciting.

Safety Schmafety
I have to admit after watching Air New Zealand's domestic safety video, the ones I've seen in the States seem incredibly serious and impersonal. Of course I understand why there's a difference, and I appreciate both approaches. It's just interesting to see ANZ's ability to customize the message goes a long way to conveying warmth, hospitality, national identity, brand and safety. I actually look forward to seeing it every time I fly.

Bring on the shopping
I had a good time purusing the SkyMall catalog (which isn't carried by any airlines I've flown over here) for products only an American would create, market and buy. After flipping past that same tired Rosetta Stone ad that hasn't changed since smoking on flights was outlawed, I found the Hairmax Laser Comb ($495) designed for slowing hair loss and regrowing hair with laser technology. And the Solafee Foot Tanner ($230) for eliminating those "ugly sock tan lines." Of course I've always loved the Rolling Pet Carrier (a bargain at $120). It's a classic. Afterall why shouldn't you protect your puppy from the perils and discomfort of exercise?

And I don't know why no one's ever given me a Night Vision Monocular ($799) for Christmas. How about an Underwater Cellular Phone System ($1,790) or at least a Mt. Rushmore Garden Statue ($40)? This is American ingenuity at its best. Do you have any SkyMall favorites? We want to hear what they are.

All joking aside, the snorkel mask with built-in waterproof digital camera at $99 looks pretty sweet ... just in case Santa is reading our blog.

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Juli Ryan said...

I think the guy with the iPhone was on our flight, too. Total reverse culture shock. Still looks like you guys had a great time!