Sunday, October 4, 2009

More barbecue, please!

Wow it's great to be here! We've been in the States for nine days now, and Jake and I have been eating, drinking, partying, shopping, fishing, gambling, watching football, playing Golden Tee and eating barbecue. We've seen so many of our good friends and family, and still have lots to see.

Having lived in New Zealand for nine months now, we're noticing some of our habits that our New Zealand neighbors would find strange:

  • Eating biscuits and gravy
  • Having a barbecue without any sausages
  • Firing up the gas-powered leaf blower instead of sweeping the back porch -- yep, we're talking about you Aaron)
  • Athletic shoes that claim to help you lose weight (saw them in a magazine)

We're heading to Wichita on Tuesday, then off on Monday for a quick stop in Orange County, Ca., before flying back to NZ, the "land of the long white cloud."


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Yer Mum said...

It was SO great to see you both, we had such a good time. The time went way too fast. Miss you badly already, but hope you have a good trip to NZ, and look forward to seeing you both again in the near future. Miss you already and love you both so much!