Sunday, January 24, 2010

Glad to know I inspire my colleagues

It happened to me again on Friday. At work, I met someone whom I've only ever corresponded with via email who was rather surprised to find that I am a woman. Apparently the vast majority of Jamies here are male. No worries. I've gotten used to it.

Another thing I've gotten used to is the little nickname I've been given from the folks in our marketing team. For some reason they started calling me Ja'mie (pronounced juh-MAY) not long after I started. They told me it was because of some Australian TV character, and I never bothered looking it up.

Just today I finally became curious enough to Google the show, and was surprised to find that not only was this female character played by a MAN, she's completely stuck up and vacant. Check it out:

She's actually really funny. Think what you'd like, but I'm pretty sure my colleagues gave me the name with good-hearted intensions. We work in the insurance and financial services industry after all, so any bit of humour and fun we can add to our workdays is fully welcomed.

Ja'mie King of Summer Heights High


Yer Mum said...

I guess the mystery is explained at last as to why your coworkers call you Juh-MAY, I'm sure only in jest. You might tell them, tho, that we named you JAY-mee :)

Dave said...

Oh man. If I wasn't older and somewhat mature I could have a good time with this post! But I am (sorta) so...that dude doesn't make a half bad looking woman...if that makes you feel any better.