Sunday, January 17, 2010

Royal Update!

I saw Prince William this morning as he entered Wellington's new Supreme Court building!

He arrived with a motorcade and several secret service types, escorted by our Prime Minister John Key -- it was the first time I've seen him as well. A couple colleagues and I walked over there, saw several hundred people gathered there, then found an excellent spot at the top level of the carpark across the street. (To be clear, it wasn't my carpark as I mentioned earlier. Mine's on the other side.) A Maori delegation greeted him with a traditional Maori cloak, which I'm told is only presented to the highest Moari chiefs and other dignitaries, as well as a haka performance. It was all rather exciting for a Monday morning in Wellington!


Yer Mum said...

How exciting! He got not only the cloak but a haka presentation! Did you get a picture?

Dave said...

Man, I hope you don't start getting all gushy about the royals! lol America is gonna have to do something soon...we're running out of Kennedy's.