Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling at home halfway across the world

I've been thinking for a while that our blog might be going through a bit of an identity crisis. Not a crisis I guess, but more of a conundrum. When we started blogging nearly two years and 150+ posts ago, we had a couple of goals in mind.
  1. To keep in touch with friends and family in the States and elsewhere (actually to avoid telling the same story over and over)
  2. To celebrate and share our experiences in a new country
And we've enjoyed every minute of documenting our adventures in this blog. Now that we are settled in and have (hopefully) a bit more perspective, a few things have been on my mind. We absolutely love it here. The people are genuine and the lifestyle is easy to get used to. To illustrate our experiences, I've always focused on the differences -- the Kiwi words we've learned, the sports we now watch, the more relaxed workplace cultures we've embraced, and the amount of wine we now appreciate.

I've learned it's very easy to settle in and feel at home here, and maybe that's why I feel like I'm running out of reasons to talk about our differences. It makes me wonder about why I blog and how our purpose seems to be shifting. Wow, is our little blog growing up?

I'll be giving it more thought as we approach that day when we will leave this incredible place and return to the States. That thought certainly brings with it lots of mixed emotions. In any case. I'm glad you're here. Thank you, dear readers, for coming on this journey with us.


Dave said...

Here's another Southwest native that went global...and digs wine. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up the blog! I love reading about your adventures and you inspire those of us who are taking 'baby steps' to make the big leap :)

Dan in Seattle

Phil said...

Thanks very much for allowing us (Kiwis) to share that journey with you. And a double thanks for being so positive about your experiences here in these strange little remote sub-Antarctic islands.

You say you feel at home here - the ultimate compliment. Well... if New Zealand has enriched your lives, I've no doubt whatsoever that we Kiwis have been greatly enriched by the pleasure of having you here amongst us.

Anonymous said...

After going to NZ for a visit, I can see how very hard it would be to think of leaving your home there. Of course, I have selfish reasons for wishing you to be here living closer to us in America. But, I miss being in NZ, so I realize how much you will miss it. I only hope you will bring it here with you, all you can of your love for the country and those wonderful people you have shared with.

jamie said...

Dave - thanks for the link. Italy sounds amazing! What a lucky girl.

Dan - thanks for your note, and I think I know how you feel. I followed a bog called before we made the big leap, and it made it real for me.

Phil - wow, what a thoughtful thing to say. Thank you. I'm still thinking about the blog idea you gave me a while back, so you might keep your eyes open. :)

Adena, I'm glad you understand. I think coming back will be a big adjustment, some say it's a bigger adjustment than it is to leave. But I've also heard that Pavlova has magical healing powers, so that should help. :)

Joggeli said...

You're thinking about this too much ... re-fill your wine glass and stop worrying about it. You're doing a fantastic job, even if you just want to post pictures and captions, it's always interesting and a breath of fresh air.