Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crazy Horses at Wellington Sevens

It's time for the annual Wellington Sevens, a two-day international rugby tournament that is famous for its fancy dress (Kiwi term for costumes) and its high level of alcohol consumption. And it was quite a year to go because New Zealand took home the first place trophy.

Jake and I went with some friends and dressed as the East Coast Crazy Horses, a fictional New Zealand gang from the movie Boy. I have to admit I was pretty excited to wear a mustache.

The movie was a big deal here in NZ but if you're unfamiliar with it, this one-minute-long clip introduces the gang-affiliated characters and offers a bit of insight their simple-minded antics and general silliness.

And what good sporting event is complete without a streaker?

A few fans wore Tui sombreros and ponchos featuring variations of the beer company's "yeah right" campaign messages. This one reads "I wasn't passed out. It was just my afternoon siesta," and it was the cleanest one I could find.

Other costumes ranged from simple to complex to "how am I supposed to fit in my seat?"

While the rugby is fun to watch in bite-sized pieces (seven members per team and seven-minute halves), seeing all the costumes and watching all the fans at various levels of inebriation (and amounts of clothing) are by far more entertaining. But after two days of so much fun, I'm ready for a siesta of my own.


HereBeDragons said...

i DIDN't get tix to the Rugby 7s, kind of pricey for me, but I did go and stand outside the stadium and take hundreds of photos with my big ol' lens. Pretty sure people thought I worked for a newspaper! LOL!

Phil said...

Great pics of the Sevens rugby. Shame the weather turned bad the next day. Relieved you maintained a discreet photographic distance regarding the streaker, and did not expose his credentials. Why do people feel so impelled to get naked at big sports events? Seems to be just us. You never see it at the Superbowl or World Series do you. "Wardrobe malfunction" is as exciting as it gets there, along with mangling of the national anthem. Can't they ever get anybody to simply sing it straight?

Yer Mum said...

The Crazy Horse Gang was good stuff! Sounds like you guys had total fun. And yes, there's always a streaker!