Thursday, February 24, 2011

The tragedy in Christchurch

This is a difficult time for New Zealand as the people in and around Christchurch try to recover from an earthquake that has taken several lives. We have been reading news reports about the latest numbers of dead, injured and missing, and seeing images of the broken buildings and distraught people. It has been devastating.

Jake and I have received several emails and notes from friends and family checking in on us. Most understand we're in Wellington which is far enough away to be safe. Many have asked "how soon are you leaving?" Thanks to all of you. It makes us feel fortunate to have so many folks looking after us.

Several fundraisers have sprung up here and I even heard about a website that is trying to match up people with extra rooms around the country with those displaced by the disaster. That's the spirit. Our hearts go out to those who are there or who have friends and family affected by the earthquake. Here's hoping for peace and calm to return to Canterbury soon.

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Phil said...

Far enough away to be safe? Brave words, Jamie. We all know that it is Wellington that sits upon a myriad of faultlines, and is far more likely in the crosshairs for a devastating earthquake than our southern city. Christchurch's risk was relatively minor, that is until a few months ago. Now we know differently.

Such is the arbitrariness and unpredictibility of Nature. Oblivious to human tragedy, she just obeys the time-honoured physical laws of stress and fracture, and leaves us to pick up the pieces.