Monday, November 10, 2008

Bring, store or give away...

With seven weeks to go, we've begun to pack. In our basement is what we call Staging Area 1. We're not shipping anything over, so we're bringing only what we can stuff in a bunch of suitcases.  

In our second bedroom is Staging Area 2... It's a bit messier. This is command central of our packing efforts. All this stuff is going in storage. Gotta give a shout out to Mooresville Mini Storage in Mooresville, Mo... we hear the owners are good folks.
But the chaos has some level of organization to it. All the boxes that are going in storage will be numbered, and we're keeping an inventory list. So in a year, when we realize we've forgotten Jake's favorite fishing lure, we can send Mom into our packed-to-the-ceiling storage unit in search of box #14A.  Thanks Mom!
So far, we know we need to bring sheets, bbq sauce and Jake's long underwear.
And water shoes. Can't go without our $1 Wal-Mart water shoes.



Arlene said...

Love the blog - glad that we can stay connected while you go off trekking to the other side of the world instead of moving to OC. Whatever. ;)

Just wondering - is the pinata packed, staying, or tossed?

Corey said...

Let's see here...$25 per checked're checking 72 bags...god, I wish I was married to an accountant or some other type of number nerd. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey...If you guys want to leave your flat screen TV with me I'll keep my eye on it. Oh wait you don't have a flat screen TV.-Jeromy

Anonymous said...

I love how you guys are so organized. I miss you both already, but look forward to tuning in to your blog and seeing all the pics. As far as your storage details, we'll take care of you--you betcha!

jamie said...

The pinata met its doom back in September on my 30th birthday -- but it was worth it!