Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More excited than nervous, but…

Lots to do these days … set up an NZ bank account, sell our cars, reserve a U-Haul truck, confirm travel arrangements… and schedule one last trip to Vegas! Even though that's still a couple weeks away, we can't wait.

We're in the process of opening a bank account over there. Apparently you're supposed to open the account and wire money over before you go, then show up, flash an ID and you're good to go. Two of Jake's colleagues as well as his company have recommended this bank and this process, but still it makes me nervous to send money over before we get there – money we won't have access to until we're there.

When Jake's dad, Jim, heard I started packing boxes a couple weeks ago, he laughed and told me that it wouldn’t be long before we’d be opening the boxes back again looking for something that’s already put away. I haven’t changed my mind on anything yet, but now I consider it something of a personal challenge. We’ll see how long I last…

We finally found out that yes, we’re allowed to bring four suitcases each (two free, the others are $80 each) to carry all our treasures. But still waiting on our travel agent lady to confirm/purchase our actual flights. We’ve had them reserved for a month or two pending our visas. We’re a little concerned that we’ll be responsible for the difference if the prices go up, so we’re anxious for our agent to go ahead and book… not sure what the hold up is.

Thought I’d share a pic of Jake in the Kansas City office. Isn’t he handsome??

Hope New Zealand has Golden Tee (a popular arcade game you find in lots of local bars). If not, I’m worried Jake will make us turn right around.



Anonymous said...

Make sure you leave enough room in Jakes suitcase for all the trout we are going to catch in 2 weeks. nk

Corey said...

Huh....that picture of Jake in his office...that isn't how I pictured his inner nerdery. I figured there would be abaci and stuff all over.

As for the car selling, I wonder if the addition of zip ties will increase the price of the Audi or not...:)

Mom Deed said...

I find it incredible that with all you guys have going on that you can find time to squeak in just one last trip to Vegas! Aw, but why not? Have a great time.

Love, Mom Deed

jamie said...

D'oh! We weren't going to say anything about the zip ties Corey! Although they're strategically placed to enhance the vehicle's structural integrity, they're only going to lower the value of that poor car.