Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Swearingens

We just arrived back from the five-day Swearingen Thanksgiving extravaganza in Wichita. 
Complete with some awesome food...

... lots of quality time with Jake's two little nieces...

... and a few cold beverages. 
Besides the awesome food, the Thanksgiving tradition in the Swearingen family is the highly competitive domino tournament, in the garage, otherwise known as the "domino dome."

People come from as far away as New Orleans and Rhode Island to try their hand for the title of "domino-ator." This is Cousin Jimmy and his girlfriend, Sandy, who are hoping to make it out to visit us in NZ in a few months. 

And those who skip the annual post-meal nap and pass out early in the evening are bound to be subjected to some form of embarrassment. It's a tradition. But it's not Jeromy's fault. He has two little ones to keep him busy. 


Corey said...

Just so everyone knows, I didn't actually write on Jeromy...but I really wanted to. It was going to be his paybacks for lighting his dad's milo field on fire with a mortar shell.

Anonymous said...

Jamie forgot to mention that the domino champs this year included cousin Jim and myself. Better luck next year losers!!!