Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hang in there...

Whew! We've been totally busy with dealing with the travel agent people, the relocation people, the KPMG folks (in the U.S. and in NZ), the insurance folks, U-Haul people (they're actually pretty awesome) and storage people. No joke, last night Jake and I sat and did four hours of paperwork. All those e-mails are hard to keep track of. But it's coming together. We now have a binder with all the important stuff divided into well-labeled sections, and it helps me relax. 

All this on top of our jobs, although my last day at work is two days away. I'm excited about what's coming up, but definitely feeling sad to leave the folks I've worked with for seven years. That is a big chunk of my life. But I think it's time to welcome my next chapter... as a lady of leisure. ;) Well, at least for a while.

Hang in there, dear readers. This blog will surely get more interesting when we get where we're going!

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Mom Deed said...

Lady of Leisure, hey? I would say that with all the stuff you have planned this year, you have a right to sit back and chill for a while. I'm sure you both are going to be so busy out there seeing an entirely new set-up. Hard to leave your jobs, I know. It's a killer for us all to see you both go, but I'm so excited for your adventure. Love, Mom Deed