Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our going away party at Shark's

Lots of photos to share, but I have yet to figure out how to post a actual slideshow. Until then, I'm afraid you're going to have to scroll to see all our crazy friends. We got together last Saturday night with some folks out at Shark's, a pool hall not far from our place. 

Aaron and Jami organized everything -- you guys are the best! 

Erik and Asher

Mike and Lea Ann

Gretchen and Lisa

Christy and Erik

The Swearingens

Corey and Lea Ann

That's Asher on the left, and I'm afraid that's me on the right. Who knew I'd turn into a dancing queen after a couple drinks?? Not long after this shot was taken did I swing my arms wildly (in a super-hot dance move, I'm sure) and knock over a full glass of water. Of course it landed all over the electric cables on the floor in front of this guy with the guitar. Whoops! It probably scared the bejesus out of him. But he escaped electracution, I got him a new drink and we were soon grooving again. 

Thanks everyone! We had a great time.


Mom Deed said...

Gee Jamie, certainly glad that the guitar player avoided electrocution! I bet he's glad he's alive to talk about it. I can appreciate the fact that you admit when you trip over stuff, but whatever, you guys had a good time. Y'all's going-away party sounded fun. Love, Mom Deed

Mom Swearingen said...

Really appreciate the update on the homing venture. Plus, what an awesome care you have purchased. It looks really sweet. Hope you BOTH get to have the adventure of driving on the wrong side of the road now!

Love you two,
Mom, Adena