Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome to Vegas Baby!

The second stop on our nation-wide farewell tour was Vegas! We just got back from an exhausting weekend of the usual Vegas shenanigans. Jake and I went there about five years ago when our friends Aaron and Jami got married, and it was great to visit again. 
We went with Jake's favorite Golden Tee partner (I guess they also work together) Mike, seen below on the right with his wife Amy. We also got to meet and hang out with Amy's sister Pam and her husband Corey. 

The day before we left for Vegas was my last day at work, and so a few of us went out to celebrate (or mourn my leaving, however you'd like to see it) at Charlie Hooper's in Brookside. It was a great opportunity to visit with some folks and say goodbyes away from the office, and to try out an actual New Zealand beer. Thank you Sharon for organizing everything. I will definitely miss all the awesome people I've worked with there. But for now, I'm certainly enjoying my retirement! 



Anonymous said...

I think it was entirely fitting and appropriate to squeeze in a Vegas stop as part of the so-called "farewell tour." I'm sure there are a few parties in New Zealand to dial up, but only Vegas is Vegas, after all. Glad you guys had fun. I totally enjoy the photos and all the effort put into your blog! Love, Mom Deed

Corey said...

Number 4,601 on my list of things I miss about Kansas City living....Charlie Hooper's.