Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Takin a bite outta the big apple

As we mentioned before, we had the chance to run up to New Jersey for an orientation session with KPMG about Jake's upcoming assignment, so we took the opportunity to visit our friends Mike and Karessa in New York. Jake's been there a few time, but I'd never been.

This is just outside Mike's place.

Okay, wrong camera setting, but doesn't it look like they're having an awesome time? Things just seem to move faster in New York, I guess.

So we headed out to dinner, and to my surprise and delight, I learned that Mike lives just down the street from Times Square!

On Broadway, we stopped in this little place called the Stardust Diner, where all the servers are Broadway performers in between gigs. They all took turns singing, and I was able to snap this beaut.

"Cue the van... now say cheese..."

Okay, call me a small town girl, but I've never seen an auto-TP dispenser, so I HAD to document it. You certainly have to crank your own paper towels though. Not sure about these New Yorkers...

And then we came to eat at a little French restaurant, where we ate with Mike and Karessa, and also with Robb Shutt, one of Jake's colleagues who works in NYC. Fantastic food, fantastic sites, fantastic company to share it with.

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