Saturday, May 9, 2009

This adventure hasn't changed who we really are

We've had a lot of new experiences here in New Zealand, but I wouldn't say that it's changed us. For example, we haven't completely given up on hanging alcohol around our necks for the sake of convenience. A big part of our life back in the Midwest involved wearing neck koozies on float trips and lake outtings. Corey, please demonstrate the neck koozie for our readers:

Pay no attention to Jon swatting his friend with the canoe paddle. While those days aren't that far behind us, I like to think we have matured a bit. And so the obvious beverage-around-our-neck of choice is wine.

We learned of this NZ custom at the Food Show, an amazing opportunity to sample tasty nibbles (Kiwi word for appetizers or light snacks), beers, bubbles (Kiwi word for champagne) and a huge selection of wines. This was held in the city's biggest arena, where they showcase rugby and cricket. Booths were lined up throughout the entire perimeter where the concession stands are usually located.

We did a whole lap with Kate and Mike, who are engaged. Sorry Mike, I promise to get a better shot of you next time. ;)

And Jake's standing with Jason and Lesa, both KPMGers who live not far from us in Khandallah.

I couldn't help but share a shot of the Thirsty Bloke Brewery's booth, featuring Good Bastard Dark Ale.

Brett and Jake took advantage of the tasty fare at the food show, then headed off to watch the local Hurricanes rugby game with some buddies.


Corey said...

Matured a bit? C'mon...I bet 1 billion dollars that you guys would have been attending the annual Tahlequah float trip if you were here in the states!

Anonymous said...

Why is Jake always the smallest person in all the photos?

Jake said...

The pictures can't measure the size of a guy's heart...

jamie said...

Jake, I think this is a perfect opportunity to bring up Jeromy's softer side. I think I still have a photo somewhere...