Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Holy smokes. That's yellow.

I think the giant yellow bruise is a sign that it's healing, right? 

My poor husband says he's been feeling much better now a week and a half after breaking his collar bone. He's been going to PT, using his left arm more and even going without his sling. Maybe soon he'll take the wheel and give me a break from driving us everywhere. :) But I'm not complaining. This guy didn't even take a day off work! This happened to be a really full-on (Kiwi term) time of year -- therwise I think he would have taken a week. I know I would have! We're all wishing you a quick recovery, honey. 

P.S. Does anyone else think this bruise resembles the South Island of New Zealand? 


Corey said...

That shoulder is the nastiest thing I've ever seen....after your gimp leg, of course.

Dave said...

Has Jake ever considered playing arm chair quarterback? I've been doing it for years and am injury free.