Monday, August 10, 2009

Making his mark on rugby

We're all about having new experiences, and Jake had two pretty big ones this weekend. The first was a chance to play some rugby with the guys -- it was a practice with the guys from work in preparation for some games vs. some other accounting firms here in town. 

The second experience, as a direct result of the first, was a visit to the ER for a broken collar bone. 

The friendly hospital staff offered him some nitrous oxide (the same pain relief, we heard, that they give women who are going into labor. Can you imagine?), which he fully enjoyed while waiting for the X-rays.

So fond, in fact, that happily told the doctors and nurses that this break isn't nearly as bad as the one he got playing soccer and everyone seemed very interested in seeing the scar on his leg. He also called his buddies to make jokes about needing some big rugby players to come in and help the doctors reset his dislocated shoulder. 

In the end, they can't do much for a broken collar bone, so they sent him home in a sling with some hefty pain medication. One thing we didn't leave with was a hefty hospital bill. Thanks to NZ's national healthcare program, we spent a whopping $3 on each of two prescriptions (including some codeine) and $9 on some over-the-counter paracetamol, which is like Tylenol they tell us. These are NZ dollars too, so we're talking only about $10 USD. And nothing at all from the hospital, unless they mail us a bill later. 

So he'll have to wear the sling for several weeks and meet with a physiotherapist, and may always have a little bump on his shoulder, but he'll be just fine. I hope he feels better soon. 


Jamie Stark said...

Welcome to the old man club. That sounds more like a Jamie story than a Jake story. I'm supposed to be the dumbass that gets hurt doing everything - you're the calculated one!

Go to PT! Rehab the shoulder. Broke mine at 21, still dealing with it because I didn't have enough coverage at the time to get the PT. Also, PT in NZ/Aus is much better than here (biased, because 4/5 top therapists I work with are from or were trained down there).

Joggeli said...

Jake, sorry to hear about your injury. Luckily it wasn't anything worse. Good to see you guys are seeing things on the bright side.

Surprised you didn't ask for a Lance Armstrong special, titanium plate with numerous screws. You should have at least priced it out. Would have perhaps run you an extra NZ$20.

Jamie, perhaps you should haver prepped Jake with some insight before sending him out on the pitch. That wasn't nice (btw: have you thought about playing again?).

Lovely sheep vista's by the way.

cheers and get well soon.

Yer Mum (in Law) said...

Jake, you look entirely comfortable in the ER bed, no doubt due to the medication, but that's all right. Sorry for the collar bone injury and hope you'll take it easy and do the Physical Therapy thing. Thinking of you and wishing you well!

Katherine said...

I think you guys are shills for the U.S. health care debate. If you were here, you could be defending the senators getting yelled at at the town hall meetings! If Jake would stick with running, this wouldn't have happened...

Bring on the baby sheep! I can't wait for the photos!