Monday, October 25, 2010

Eastern Walkway: still no penguins

We went for a beautiful walk today along the Eastern Walkway with friends Mike and Kate.

The weather was perfect for our little trek even though I think the newspaper missed the mark when it promised us 10 days of sunshine starting last Friday. It's been three days of clouds so far, but the temps are great so I'm not complaining.

The Eastern Walkway is one of my favourite walks here in Wellington because you get to travel high and low through so many environments, including forest, bush and beach (even sometimes nude beach).

We walked this track not long after we arrived in New Zealand, and I remember huffing and puffing much of the way. No more - this seems like such an easy walk after some of the ones we've done since then.

Still haven't seen any penguins though even though there are a few traffic signs here warning drivers about a penguin crossing.



Corey said...

$20NZ says Jake is building a penguin trap as we speak.

Jake said...

It's very similiar to a typical Kansas chicken snare as compared with a "box trap" that most blog readers would envision. I'll be baiting it with ice cubes, as I bet most Wellington-based penguins are looking for a little something to remind them of home...

Dave said...

Please post pictures of snared's just not something you get to see everyday.

Phil said...

I've lived in this city for 60 years, and have yet to set my eyes on one of these little critters. I think you've got just as much chance of snaring a polar bear as a penguin.

Corey said...

So I did a quick google search on "penguins at the Eastern Walkway" to see why there are not penguins there. The first two hits was your blog, the third was this:
which states that the penguins only come ashore at night.