Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Koalas, giant birds and a red raccoon

It's been quite a while since we've been to any zoo, and we were delighted with Melbourne's version. Although we were walking slowly and had to take lots of breaks after logging so many miles the day before, we got around to see nearly all the animals that day.

One of my favourites was the butterfly house.

Jake is a big bird fan, and he was trying to sneak up behind this one. It was a little startling to see him heading my way, so I snapped this pic and gave him a bit more room.

You can't visit Australia without seeing strange new animals like whatever that is above and your typical crowd favourites like the koala below. Koalas spend something like 23 hours a day sleeping because they don't get many nutrients from the eucalyptus leaves, so this was a rare glimpse at one in action.

We were quite surprised to find this raccoon look-alike (below) in an enclosure with a sign labeled "red panda."

The cutest of all was this sweet little baby elephant.



Yer Mum said...

Oh, that baby elephant is too cute! What fabulous pictures! I love them all. All the animals are wonderful, and BTW, you & Jake look great too!

Phil said...

The lions look very content, in a totally superior way. I think they're waiting to audition for the Metro Goldwyn Mayer roar.