Monday, October 18, 2010

More pics from Melbourne

It's hard to get a good feel for a place when you're only there for a quick few days, but we had a good time trying to see as much of Melbourne as we could. In just the downtown area there are lots of interesting buildings, parks, art and architecture. The sun was shining, the streets were full of people, and buses and trams were going every which way.

I don't know if central Melbourne is normally a huge wedding destination, but we saw no less than eight separate wedding parties around town throughout the weekend. They were taking photos in the park, in front of old buildings, and set against the city's skyline.

They were so prevalent in fact that Jake and I accidently ran right through a photo shoot the evening before our race. I'm pretty sure Jake became an extra (albeit underdressed) groomsman in one of their shots.

I didn't snap any weddings, but did take a few shots of the city on that jog - partly to test the motion control on the new camera.

Melbourne has descent public transportation and a pretty cool bike-share program. I think it's something like $2 to borrow one for an hour.

For our first couple of nights, we stayed at a downtown hotel within walking distance to the race. For our last night we checked into the Nunnery, a nice little backpacker lodge/guesthouse to save a bit of cash. This is located next door to a church and actually used to house nuns, but has been converted into a cool little accommodation.

Like Wellington, Melbourne has a strong cafe culture, and we enjoyed a few treats - you know, to replenish a few of those calories we'd burned.

But I think our favourite indulgence was the amazing Italian food we had three nights in a row.

I'll post the third and final installment of our Melbourne photos in a separate blog. If you like baby elephants and other cute zoo critters as much as I do, you won't want to miss it.

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