Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Mexican food... how we've missed you!

It's time to give thanks to our amazing Aunt Denise and her kick-ass salsa recipe. You have no idea how much we've been dying for some Mexican food lately. The salsa here in NZ doesn't really qualify as Mexican salsa, and no other recipe would do, since this is the annual Swearingen Fourth of July salsa.

It was a bit of a challenge finding all the ingredients. You know, simple things like Rotel? After a bit of searching, I found some "Mexican style tomatoes diced with cumin, jalepenos and paprika." I guess that will be close enough. And check out these green onions -- they're enormous.

I also had to learn that peppers are called capsicums, and that cilantro is called coriander (I think). It took about a month to figure out where to find some tortilla chips that aren't flavored like Doritos. 

But it was all worth it when we chowed down to a glorious Mexican feast tonight. Hasta manana, amigos.

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