Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our first anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us! 
What a year it's been. Hard to believe a year ago we were getting hitched on the Big Island of Hawaii.

We celebrated last night with a dinner at home, topped off with a special NZ dessert, called a pavlova. It's made of fluffy stuff, whipped cream and fresh fruit. Actually, my new "Auntie" June from next door showed me how to make it, and although she did all the work, I still passed it off as my own. :) Don't tell! Jake gave me these beautiful flowers, and I found an American-style coffee machine to give him.

The pavlova looks like a big strange blob, but it's a delicious blob of fluffy goodness.

Jake's 32nd birthday
Jake spent the evening lawn bowling (think bocce ball) with the KPMG crew. He was happy to get a package from his folks, a call from his brother Jeromy, some new hiking boots from me and a long list of friendly birthday wishes from friends and family. If you haven't read these yet, you should. As promised, I gave him a big slap on the ass that morning from Jeromy and Corey. Auntie June also "helped" me make him a chocolate birthday cake. I'd call that a pretty nice birthday.

Here's his birthday card from me. 

Dinner with our neighbors
While he was out lawn bowling, I was invited over to dinner at Auntie June's next door. 

That's Auntie June in blue. Next to her is their neighbor Don, June's husband Phil, and their son Stuart.


Mom Deed said...

Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple! Thought about you guys all day. Seems like you've packed a lifetime of living into just one year. I'm sure you have many more great years together. Definitely, many happy returns. Love you--

granma Joy said...

Hi you all, it is good to be able to talk to you, your mom is here trying to get some knowledge in my thick head. I am definitely computer illiterate and don't know how to spell too good. I have put many messages on here but did'nt know what to do to get them there. So someplace all these messages are floating. Hope Jake had a nice birthday and you had a nice anniversary. Love you both granma joy and granpa Augie