Monday, March 2, 2009

Kiwi Culture, Part 2: The Sport of Cricket

Ready for a quick lesson about how Cricket works?

1. Think about the general premise of baseball: the scoring, hitting, running, fielding, etc.

2. Now throw it all out the window because none of it is helpful. I have such a shaky understanding of the sport that maybe I'll let Jake try to explain it in a future post. But we had a lot of fun at the match on Friday, in which the NZ Blackcaps took on the team from India and won.

The sky never ceases to amaze us. It turned this purpley-red color for about 20 minutes during the match.

Marc spent most of the time explaining all the rules of the sport to Jake...

...while we girls ate chocolate and sipped wine in the next row. I don't think I've ever had wine at a sporting event before. Quite a new experience. Next to me is Lisa, Sonia and Heidi. Here are a few more pics from the match in a slideshow:



Corey said...

Lucky you. You all get to have the Copacabana integrated into your daily shopping!

Mom Deed said...

Wine and chocolate, sounds tasty! The pictures are good, Jake and Jamie happy as always, that's what I like to see.