Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ready for the weekend!

Our attempt to find the basketball game playing in a bar was a failure. Oh well. So while you all are getting ready for March Madness, Jake and I are learning more about NZ's sports traditions. Tonight we've been invited to a cricket match. Now I don't know much about cricket, but I've heard some of the matches go on for days and days. Luckily tonight we're going to see a much more condensed version, called a 20-20 match, that will last three or four hours.

And tomorrow, we're flying up to Auckland for a three-day weekend. With 1.4 million people, it's about the size of KC and it's NZ's biggest city. We're hoping to do some tramping (quit giggling -- that means hiking here) and find a beach if the weather's nice. So we may be away from our phones, e-mail and blog for a couple days.

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Mom Deed said...

It's great you guys are really seeing something of the other side of the world--your travel plans sound amazing. Can't wait to see the pics of Auckland. I love the running commentary on all the photos. Love you, kids.