Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SuperBowl Monday

It's the very first American beer we've seen in more than five weeks, and it's an MGD? Oh well, it was good to have a home-grown beer and watch some good ole' American football, even if Jake had to take Monday afternoon off to enjoy it. That's right, kick off was just after noon here, and we stumbled out it to broad daylight just after 4 p.m. Talk about a strange feeling. 

This is Chicago's Sports Cafe (leave to a Wellington bar to call itself a cafe), possibly the only place in town to show the big game. We found out it's famous for its hurricane burger, a giant collection of everything they can find in the kitchen loaded onto two beef patties and a bun. The guys talked a big game when they ordered, but check out their reactions when they have to face the truth.

Some friendly KPMGers came out to watch with us and headed back to work after lunch. I don't blame them. Isn't rugby just like football without the pads?

It wasn't as much fun as our annual chilli cookoff with the Kruegers, but it was a good time. So good, in fact, that we weren't going to drive ourselves home. As we headed to the bus stop, we walked by the USA Rugby team! They're here for a giant tournament, the Sevens, this weekend, and I got to meet a couple of them. Feeling as celebratory as I was, I shouted out "Go Steelers!" and of course the guys are frowning and saying "I'm from Arizona," and "I'm from California." Hmmm... can't win them all, I guess. 

Much more on the Sevens in a later post. It's probably the most important NZ sporting event of the year, and you all deserve some education on such a central element of Kiwi culture. Cross your fingers we find tickets. 

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Corey said...

I love those days..starting early, drinking, and then opening the front door to see sunlight. Reminds me of college.