Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time to make some travel plans

Now that we're settled in at our home base here in Wellington, it's time to start planning to visit the rest of the country and beyond. We love traveling, and it's definitely one of our main goals while we're here. So we've set up a planning room -- an "RMOC" if you will -- our Recreation Management Operations Center.

It's in our spare bedroom/office, complete with a map of both islands and a big calendar. We've just begun adding the little pink stickies, which represent some of the places we plan to go. There's a map of the world on the opposite wall for travel opportunities that are farther out. Our next trip is a three-day weekend in Auckland, NZ's biggest city, Feb. 28-March 2. We're actually planning to skip the city activities and get in some hiking and beach time and hopefully some sea kayaking. We have to take advantage of this fantastic summer weather. 

It's Friday here today, and we're going to a KPMG social event tonight. Then tomorrow, Jake's going fishing with some folks from work, and Sunday he's running in Wellington's Round the Bays half marathon. I'll be in the 7K fun run, which I'm guessing is around four miles...? Haven't done the math on that one yet. This darn metric system is killing me.

1 comment:

Corey said...

4.34 miles.

1km = .621 miles.

Sounds fun....well, the hiking, fishing, beer drinking and sea kayaking. The half marathon..not so much.