Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shepherd to lost sheep... come in lost sheep...

You got yer ears on? Hope so, because Jake and I just set up a phone line so you can call us at our old Kansas City number.

What's our number?
You don't have to worry about international calling codes or anything. It will cost you only as much as a normal 816 number, and we just pay a flat rate so it won't cost us any more or less.

What time is it here?
I'm glad you asked, as we probably won't be very chatty in the middle of the night. Find out here or you can check out the convenient clock on the right side of this page. From KC or Wichita, we're 17 hours ahead. One way to think about it is to subtract seven hours and add a day. For example, 4 p.m. Tuesday in KC is 9 a.m. Wednesday here in NZ.

What's a good time to call?
Any time is good, but you might keep in mind that this is a landline, so we'll only be able to answer when we're at home. Jake is at work until 6 or so each weekday, and we've been out and about a lot on the weekends.

What if we don't answer?
Leave us a voicemail. We'll be able to access it through our e-mail.



Mom Deed said...

Lost sheep to Shepherd, we read you. . .glad you got a phone number. I'll try to check the NZ time before I call so I don't wake you guys. I love all your newsy entries on your blog. What a lift it gives me to read it at the end of a day! Love you both.

dave said...

Jamie, wow, you just sound so technologically in the know how in that last part of the post. I'm very impressed ... put that whole phone thing in your resume.

Corey said...

How bout an address? You know, for xmas cards/requests for money and things of the such?

jamie said...

No problemo! Please send donations to:

Jake and Jamie's Travel Fund
91 Amritsar St.
Khandallah, Wellington 6035
New Zealand

timg said...

Just started reading your blog, and love it. Good job with all the photos. This phone thing is interesting though. Would you mind explaining how you set it up and how much it costs you? also, have you found an economical way to call the U.S.?

jamie said...

Hi Timg, I'm happy to share how we handle international calls. It's through Vonage via voip. Before we left the U.S., we set up an account with Vonage with our old U.S. phone number. Brought the hardware here to NZ, where we leave it plugged into a computer with internet access. It costs about $30USD/mo plus the cost of our internet access here. It costs our friends and family only as much as a normal domestic call, and we have unlimited calling back to the U.S. (and some other countries) for no additional charge. Feel free to e-mail me for more details... jamieswear@gmail.com.