Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Earthquake on the South Island

Good morning from New Zealand, which apparently made big news while we slept last night. A 7.8 earthquake hit the southern part of the south island around 9:20 p.m. (NZ time), followed by a 6.1 aftershock. Jake and I didn't didn't feel it, and we didn't find out from news reports, but from my mom calling as we got ready for work this morning. And I guess there was a tsumani warning that was later called off when they found a wave 17 cm high.

But I still wanted to comfort my mother... "No need to worry about tsunamis here mom. Our house is teetering on the top of a tall cliff way above the water."

All joking aside, we hope no one was hurt last night. Jim and Sandy are on the South Island right now, but they're on the north end.


Cruisin' Comers said...

Glad you are okay!

billy said...

I carry my book around at work about New Zealand so everyone knows that's our next destination. Anyway, someone said, "Did you hear they had an earthquake there today?, so I just had to get on your blog to see how you were affected. Bill and I were laughing because you both apparently slept through it. Glad to hear everything is okay in NZ. We are enjoying your blog!

Brett said...

apparently wellington couldn't be bothered with an earthquake...good for us I guess :)

Yer Mum said...

Just read an article that says this quake moved NZ closer to Australia, so say the earthquake scientists. In that case, maybe it will cost you less to get to Australia next time you go. Glad everyone's okay.

jamie said...

Hmm, I hadn't hear that. No doubt that's going to piss off a few NZers. A lot of Kiwis are pretty adamant about keeping their distance from those dirty Aussies. (Their words, not mine.)

In any case, what a thoughtful, relavent blog comment, Mum. Thank you and cheers!