Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Rocks and All Blacks

Jake and I have gone walking along shore of the Taputerange Marine Reserve several times since we've lived in Wellington. But just this weekend we found out that we were missing the best part. Just beyond the point where we'd always turn around is a place called Red Rocks, for obvious reasons, and its local seal colony. 

Jim, Sandy, Jake and I had a chance to check it out yesterday. We saw lots of seals lounging around. 

All the relaxing seals inspired me to go home and take a little nap before meeting a group of friends out to watch the All Blacks from a local pub.

(From left: Brett, Sandy, Jim, Jason) We were all in good spirits as our NZ team beat the Aussies, our biggest rivals. Jim and Sandy just left for the airport a little while ago, and the house already seems so empty.


Anonymous said...

The pics of the seals are just so neat--what a vista that would be to come up on and overlook. And glad the NZ team beat the other guys, that's always a good deal. Glad all of you guys had such a great time.

Mom Deed said...

The above comment is yer Mum. . .I forgot to sign appropriately.

Katherine said...

Love the seals! We need more sheep pics, too!

Joggeli said...

I'm sure you'll post some good seal recipes when you get a chance. wonderful countryside ... I'm still jealous. Oh, get an update as to whatever happened to Jona Lomu of the all blacks when you're conversation with locals slows.