Friday, July 31, 2009

The Lion, the Tui and Top Dog

It was definitely a good day for Jamie and I to take in some rugby last night in Wellington as the local club, the Lions, began their season from home. There was plenty of yellow (empty seats), so quite a few folks missed out on all of the fun.

Sometimes somebody else can say it better, so according to the news release on the teams website -- The Vodafone Wellington Lions repulsed a strong Otago challenge before successfully defending the Ranfurly Shield 23-19 at Westpac Stadium on Friday night. If it interests the readers, there is plenty to read about on this coveted shield ; however, essentially, it's a traveling trophy that you defend whenever you play on your home turf.

The top dog (aka american dog) once agian drew it's rightful attention from Jamie and me.

The game was a relatively low scoring affair, but the last 20 minutes of the second half were really exciting...which was good for us because the weather started acting up a little bit. You hardly notice the cold when you're standing up cheering your side on to victory.

We definitely enjoyed a good view at the was nice to get out and see the rugby and to try and stomach the always unique, never uncontroversial Tui ale.

Even Matt (recognized less without the penguin attire) and Brett stopped by to join in the fun.

The Lions will have several more opportunities to stand their ground and defend the shield and we hope to get out again to watch them do so.



Yer Mum-in-Law said...

Well done, Jake, good post! A very clever title, too, and a most interesting narrative. You guys are always good to support your team. By the way, what is that Confederate flag thing that Jamie is holding up in the pic--an ice cream?

Corey said...

It's a hot dog. Jamie blogged about them back when, I believe, her and Jake caught a soccer game and bought hot dogs and beer for like $20 or something crazy like that.

I just enjoy how the confederate flag is chose as it "represents" America. The uproar that would be caused if an American company tried to use that logo on one of its products...