Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's Kiwi lesson: mufti day

The last Friday of every month here at work is mufti day, which means casual Friday for those who'd like to make a "gold coin donation" to charity. (In Kiwi money, the gold coins represent the $1 and $2 denominations.)

I pulled on some jeans even though I was a little nervous about mufti day. What if I have the wrong day? What if no one else shows up?

Of all people, guess who steps on the elevator with me this morning...? Our CEO -- a man I haven't met yet. He looks at me and says "It's bloody mufti day, isn't it?!" Of course he's in a suit. All I can squeek out is "I hope so." I decided to leave my official introduction for another day, and went on to find everyone in my office in casual clothes.


Dave said...

You should have pried a gold coin outta that stiff! The joys of working construction: I only dress up when someone dies.

Yer Mum said...

I'm sure that by the time you do make the CEO's acquaintance, he will have had a list in hand of just who dressed out for "mufti day," and so contributed to a charity. This willingness to be a part of it all will go in your favor perhaps. That's really funny, Jamie!

Corey said...

I've been in sleeveless T-shirts and mesh shorts since May 20th. Dammit if I don't have to start dressing up again here in about a week.