Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fireworks over the harbour

We had a pretty amazing view of the fire show last night, which was launched from two barges in the water and lasted a good 20 minutes or so.

And check out Phil's comment on the last post for a bit more insight into the Guy Fawkes tradition. (Thanks Phil!) Seems a bit strange we make such a big deal about it 400 years later, but I could tell everyone was having a blast. There were families crowded up on our carpark for a good view, and our neighbours all had people over for the event. We had Jason and Lisa over for a little wine (guys) and mudslides (girls). What a fun little Thursday night!



Phil said...

Poor old Guy Fawkes! (Not so old actually - only 35 when he died.) If nothing else, he's certainly enriched our language. His name lives on. The reason we call anyone a "guy" today is because of him. It used to have a perjorative connotation, but not anymore.

Interesting to speculate, isn't it, on the fine line between traitor or hero. If Britain had won the American Revolutionary War of 1776, all those Founding Fathers so now revered, would have suffered a similar ghastly fate as Guy Fawkes. And we'd now be celebrating (no doubt with fireworks)the deaths of those "traitors" 200 odd years ago, and the righteousness of British rule over the American colonies!! Ohhh... I can sense Mel Gibson reaching for his patriot rifle as I speak..

jamie said...

Hmm... things could have easily gone in a different direction. There is a fine line indeed between traitor and hero.

Phil, I'm adding you to our research staff -- you're what every lazy blog writer needs! (Note: research staff salary = blog author salary = $0/yr.)

Phil said...

Many thanks for the job offer Jamie. LOL...are we talking NZ or American dollars here?

What with Guy Fawkes and kererus, one thing's for certain - you certainly ain't in Kansas(City) no more..