Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guy Fawkes Night

It's Guy Fawkes Night, and Jake and I are in the living room with a couple cold beverages. We've brought our only radio -- our alarm clock -- up from downstairs in preparation for the big fireworks show. There's a barge loaded with fireworks out in the harbour that's going to host the big "fire show" in about 20 minutes from now.

Apparently this is all in honour of an English politician who was involved in a failed attempt to blow up Parliament back in 1603. So we're celebrating a rebel!


Phil said...

Hope you enjoyed the display. Yes a bizarre "celebration" isn't it? More a commemoration really. Guy Fawkes was the bad guy. The custom used to be to burn his effigy on bonfires this night. The fireworks came later. Fawkes was a Catholic of course, and suffered the most hideously gruesome death for treason. He's one of the reasons Catholics were mistrusted in Britain for a very long time after.

Juli Ryan said...

Yeah, it makes little sense to me why a country with republican leanings would celebrate Guy Fawkes. The fireworks are still kind of fun.