Thursday, November 26, 2009

Khandallah street party

Thanksgiving's never been like this before. This was the first time we didn't have the day off, but that was okay. It doesn't really feel like Thanksgiving anyway, because we're in the middle of spring now, and temps are in the upper teens (60s-70s F).

I love the folks I work with. I offered a little Happy Thanksgiving greeting to everyone, and it triggered a conversation about how the last American who worked here brought in a bunch of delicious food on Thanksgiving. Oops -- sounds like I should have kept my mouth shut.
So instead of our traditional turkey, which I hear can cost you upwards of $80 here, Jake and I opted for a walk along the Wellington waterfront and dinner at an outdoor cafe. And a little frozen yogurt before heading home.

Then as we drove around the last corner before our driveway, we found a group of our neighbors sitting out in the street with a table and chairs and glasses full of wine. Apparently one neighbor was lending another some chairs for another neighbor's 60th birthday party on Saturday, and only made it so far as the street before opening some wine and settling in. They were such a cheerful group we had to join them. It stays light well after 9 pm now, so we had a lovely time chatting about the neighborhood, rugby and Phil's birthday party. Every car that drove past sparked a new level of excitement and received lots of happy smiles and raised glasses. What a fun group.


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Dave said...

I thought I had great neighbors...but I've never caught them drinking in the street. Sounds like you guys landed in a good spot.