Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're smokin'

That's right. Jake got a wild hair on Monday. By Saturday morning, we had a new smoker, some charcoal, woodchips and ribs, and he was on the phone to his buddies back in the Midwest working out the details. We were, after all, on our way to a barbecue at Greg's place that day.

He recruited help to get some additional charcoal going. Rob and Ed used this conveniently placed pot belly stove as a platform for the charcoal cylinder thingy.

Then we waited. I love this photo (above). Everyone was pretty interested in the smoking technique, but I have to laugh because the folks in this shot look pretty skeptical. :) Smokers and pork ribs are a much bigger deal where we come from. It's definitely not your typical barbecue fare around these parts. I definitely can get used to the Kiwi custom of starting out most social events with bubbles though! I'm loving the champagne.

Then after hours of preparation, conversation, perspiration and speculation ... the ribs are done!

And it took about three minutes to go through a couple full racks. Mmm! Jake says they were a bit on the dry side, and now he's determined to practice until he gets it perfect. I bet you can guess what we'll be doing every weekend for the rest of the summer.

Here's Greg and Hannah, who graciously hosted.

While the guys were outside playing with fire, we girls were inside giggling at their very serious conversations and the confused expressions on their faces. This is Sonia and Heidi above, and Lisa and Hannah below.

Good stuff honey! Thanks for cooking for me.


Corey said...

I graciously offer my skills as a certified KCBS BBQ judge to assist Jake in perfecting his smoking technique.

Yer Mum said...

Nobody better than you two to demonstrate the KC style BBQ for the NZ folks, good times!

Katherine said...

"charcoal cylinder thingy"??? That would be a coal chimney and you have been out of KC way too long!