Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm sorry, and you are...?

Today at work I called someone in another office and spoke for five minutes before she said, "I think you've called the wrong person." Hmm. 

Tonight after work Jake and I ate dinner and watched our usual Colbert Nation and Daily Show. (Hey, it's not all glamorous.) Then we wound up on YouTube watching some good ole Flight of the Conchords. Here's one of our favorites. 



Joggeli said...

you can't go wrong with those guys ... simply classic. good to hear your still staying in touch with world and US news by watching comedy central.

I was thinking. perhaps you need to devote a blog entry to things you miss about KC/USA. I can see people (myself included) sink into a deep depression about where they live, after reading your entries. It must be worse for all the people in Kansas and Chill Ville following you guys online.

Dave said...

Those guys are a hoot!

Alicia said...

I cannot watch this show without thinking of you guys! :)~

I wonder what it's like to play poker in the back of that trailer...hmmm...