Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Way to represent, America

Chatting with my workmates today when we got onto the subject of American food, specifically the disgusting and unhealthy options. Jake's a little concerned that Corey, aka White Gravy, might need to sit down for this.

Apparently there's nothing more horrifying to Kiwis than the idea of sausage gravy. And on biscuits -- can anything be worse? I have to admit the fact you can get it out of this gas station dispenser is even more revolting. Really, how long has it been in there??

They found another impressive/disgusting example online at the Heart Attack Grill, which is south of Pheonix. On the menu is a quadruple bypass combo in which you get the above burger, flatliner fries, a can of Jolt cola and a pack a cigarettes. If you're anywhere north of 350 lb., you eat for free. And nothing says "obese and proud" like a free wheelchair ride to your car afterward. 

We've found that Kiwis really know a lot about the U.S., and they understand these things don't represent average America. But it was still pretty entertaining trying to describe the merits and ingredients of a good gravy while they frowned and studied the photo of the scary gravy machine. 


James said...

Ghetto Burger in Atlanta:


I had one last week, best burger I have ever had.

Corey said...

Obviously your Kiwi coworkers are out of their damn mind.

Granted, I've never partaken from the white gravy gas station dispenser but to be horrified by the glorious white mixture betwixt two buttermilk biscuits...plain loco.

However, on the plus side, we have Kansas City BBQ, Memphis short ribs, Chicago deep dish and hot dogs, bad ass Buffalo wings, grilled cheeseburgers with fresh grilled sweet corn and A&W Root Beer to drink, my grandma's apple pie with vanilla ice cream, my chili and cornbread (which I'm pretty sure I could support my family by winning chili cookoffs if I ever lost my job) and finally, and nice, ice cold Sam Adams to wash it all down with.

I almost feel sorry for those Kiwis.