Sunday, April 26, 2009

Old man and the sea

The (fish) killer woke before dawn and put his boots on...

Warning - this is a non-professional blog by Jake.
Howdy folks! My darling wife has decided to take a break from the typical weekend update, so I'm back for more blogging. This is me leaving at 6 AM for a fishing trip with a bunch of mates from work...and after a restful 5 1/2 hours of sleep. Thanks Marc for being my early morning designated driver.

Tensions were high on the high seas of the Cook Strait just prior to the first group of grouper joining the crew...

My friend Andy was one of the first on our trip to drag in a grouper. Note that he is sporting the latest in fish catching technology...this way if the fish pulls you into the water, then the guide is assured that he gets his rod and reel back!
His fiancee, Liang, was clearly not going to go home empty handed either with her contribution to the daily catch:
The dreaded albatrosses were a consistent reminder not to get separated from the others in the group. With large talons and jaws of steel, these deep sea monsters could easily come in to snap the line and fly off with the catch.
I had a rather poor showing (many a small fish - none big), but later found out why. I had packed a banana in my snack/beer bag for the trip and was told that bananas are never allowed on the boat. I'm assuming I was lucky to avoid any major misfortune.


Corey said...

Bravo, Eek..bravo! Your prose continues to impress even this booze-addled brain. I can almost feel the cool New Zealand breeze on my cheek and hear the sound of the motorboat (hehe) as I travel out to catch a monster.

Carl said...

Yea! I know exactly what you mean. I was on a fishing boat once and I had to tell everybody.."NO! That is not a banana in my pocket!

Jake said...

Carl - that is the funniest comment yet. Keep them coming.

Mom Deed said...

Sounds like an exciting fishing trip to me. Those fish look huge; yes, I am definitely outfished once again. Good job on your blog, Jake, beautiful pics!